10% of revenue generated by SURV is given back to support and serve others in need. We proudly support the charities and organizations below.


The Woodlands Church (WC) has trained over 250 rural Haitian farmers, may of them women, through our church-based Farmer Field Schools. WC provides them with seed, fertilizer, and weekly agricultural training. The result is a dramatic increase in the quantity, quality and variety of food placed on the family dinner tables each day.

Thanks to these Farmer Field Schools over 2,000 Haitian children and adults now experience the security that comes with knowing where their next meal will come from. The local church also sees increase as the farmers are also being taught biblical stewardship.

Woodlands Church has provided medical care to over 2,000 patients in the rural community through a medical clinic established at the local church up in the mountains. Along with diagnosing and treating immediate needs, they are teaching the local residents basic hygiene, first aid and nutrition skills to improve the overall health of the community.

In partnership with local Haitian churches, WC has provided care and Christ based education to over 35 orphaned children and a school of 400 students from Kindergarten to 8th grade. These children are learning and growing with a foundation in Christ and a strong academic background.

Davao Dream Center

Davao Dream Center (DDC) exists to bring holistic transformation to the marginalized of the Southern Philippines. DDC is a Sec Registered NGO in the Philippines and was launched in 2014 in partnership between Nick and Marj Basco and Tom and Connie Bohnert, who are the founders of Ethne International Development based in the USA. Inspired by the tragic story of a little 11 year old girl in Davao named Marianette, who in response to incredible brokenness and poverty tragically took her life, the DDC was birthed to compassionately intervene in the lives of poor children and families to empower them toward lives of fullness.

The Davao Dream Center and Ethne serve children and families through various means including feeding programs, sports outreach, school adoption, village projects as well as microbusiness training investment. One of the key initiatives run by the DDC and supported by SurvFinancial is the Dream Scholars mentoring/sponsorship program. Through this program disadvantaged kids receive school supplies, uniforms, backpacks, transportation or food allowance supplement along with ongoing holistic mentoring. Currently, 200 students are sponsored in 8 different locations with the ultimate goal of expanding to touch the lives of thousands of children.

The DDC and Ethne, in response to poverty and the pandemic which has crushed so many economically, also recently launched a micro-business investment/training program called Restore 500. Indigent families receive basic business training and a micro investment in this 5-7 month program with the goal of helping enable and empower them to climb out of poverty and to lead lives of holistic health and fullness. The initial goal is to help 500 families in the next few months with the desire of eventually expanding to touch thousands. SurvFinancial is partnering to help make this happen!

Next Generation 4 Christ

During the summer of 2014, The Hoskins family, together with a group from Mission Point Community Church, went to Canaan Haiti for the first time. The goal was simple: Serve a community of people who were identified as some of the poorest individuals in the 2nd poorest country in the world.

Today, more than 300,000 people call Canaan home. The residents have built homes out of metal, stone, and bricks as they move on from one of the most horrific events in modern history. These people are strong, courageous, hopeful, and love visitors who see them as friends. Relationship, and serving one another is the very foundation and heart of this community.

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