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Business financing, consumer lending, and payment processing can be complex, especially if these are not your primary day-to-day focus. When you're a SURV Financial partner, you do do not have to keep up with all of the changes, regulations, and programs that are of great value to your customers or association members.

We handle the entire process for you with full transparency. From assisting customers with their options to obtain financing, getting them set up to offer consumer financing for their products or services, or providing them with a merchant account to accept payments, we handle 100% of the process for you, while you build new streams of revenue.

trade associations

Add real value to your members. Because of our long-term partnerships within the financial services industry, coupled with our own unique technologies, we are able to offer highly industry-specific solutions that are customized for your members and are only available through your Association.

banking partnerships

When your financial institution partners with SURV, you have access to a full suite of highly customizable financial services that delivers revenue generating and cost savings benefits to your commercial clients. 


We provide developers, technology partners, and our integrated software vendors with a secure, feature-rich suite of API’s that work to enhance your existing product.

iso's and agents program

Our ISO and Agent program includes rewards, resources, product support, and dedicated resources to help your business grow and prosper.


Designed for those who are serious about taking control of their financial future by following a proven formula offering best-in-class financial solutions as a value add service to local businesses.

Launching Q1 2020

referral Program

We provide collaborative, customized referral partner and POS dealer solutions that work for various types of organizations and their clients or members.