mobile payments

We provide a flexible, fully integrated mobile payment platform designed to evolve with your business.

Your business. Anywhere.

You can instantly turn your mobile phone into a point of sale system, enabling you to take credit card payments, process refunds, or reconcile sales anywhere you have cell service.

ProCharge® is the perfect solution to grow your business and increase your sales without increasing the amount you spend on credit card processing equipment. The device is simple to use, it’s easy to setup, and you can be up and running and accepting mobile payments quickly.

Plus, you can also rest assured that ProCharge® meets all the security standards, is PCI compliant, and the card reader is secure and encrypted. This ensures that your customer’s data and your data is always protected.

Additional features:


You will have real-time access to all of the transactions and activity in your online dashboard, even with multiple users taking payments via ProCharge®.

All of your ProCharge® devices sync the transaction data into your payment gateway automatically, whether you have one device or dozens in your business.

Additional features:


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